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Election Procedures and Filing Deadlines

Special Districts Deliver Notice of Election to Elections Official

Deadline July 5

(§ 10509, 10522, 10524, 10551, 15651) 

On the 125th day prior to the day fixed for the general district election, the secretary shall deliver a notice to the county elections official. The notice shall bear the secretary’s signature and the district seal and shall also contain both of the following:

(a) The elective offices of the district to be filled at the next general district election, specifying which offices, if any, are for the balance of an unexpired term.

(b) Whether the district or the candidate is to pay for the publication of a statement of qualifications pursuant to Section 13307.

(Amended by Stats. 2002, Ch. 454, Sec. 2. Effective January 1, 2003.)


Notice of Election ( § 12112, 10515; ED Code § 5324, 5325)

Deadline July 10 to Aug 9

Between these dates the Elections Offical will publish a Notice of Election containing the date of the election, the offices to be filled, qualifications for candidacy required by the principal act, where nomination papers are available, deadline for filling Declarations of Candidacy, and a notice that appoinment will be made in lieu of election in accordance with state law.

Notice of central counting place may be combined with this notice

(§ 12109)

The county elections official will forward copies of all published notices to each special district

(§ 12133)

Candidate Nomination Period (EC §§ 10510, 13307, 13311)

Deadline July 17 thru Aug 11

Candidates for special district boards obtain and file their Declarations of Candidacy along with their Candidate's Statement of Qualifications if they choose to submit one. Statement's shall remain confidentail until the expiration of the filing deadline. Forms are obtained from and filed with the county Elections Department.

Election Day November 7

Assuming Office (EC § 10554)

Deadline December 1

Special Districts: Candidates delcared elected or appointed (i.e. as provided in § 10554) take office this date at noon after having taken the oath or posted any bond required by the principal act.