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2020-10-02 Resolution SCSD placing used miscellaneous fencing, filing cabinets and 454 Chevy Truck Engine on surplus..pdfAddendum.pdf2020-10-01 Resolution Updating Resolution 2012-05-2 Establishing the method by which CMF Shall be dispensed or encumbered..pdf2020-08-01 Resolution Placing 2005 Chevy Avalanche and Ford F350 Flat Bed Truck to Sewer Maintenance Department. Placing 1983 International S2600 Water Truck to Public Works Department..docx.pdf2020-01-01 Resolution Placing used office furniture and screen printer on surplus. Signed.pdf2020-02-01 Resolution Providing for Time, Place and Rules for Regular and Special Meeting signed..pdf2020-02-02 Resolution Placing 2005 Chevy signed.pdf2020-03-01 Resolution to approve mailing of propositon 218 - Signed.pdf2020-06-01 Resolution SCSD Board Secretary to file said report with Imperial County for 2020-2021 Sewer standby charge on tax roll. - Signed.pdf2020-06-02 Resolution Board Secretary file 2020-2021 sewer maint. standby charge on the tax roll. - Signed.pdf2020-06-03 Resolution adopting report of sewer user fee 2020-2021 on tax roll. - Signed.pdf2020-06-04 Resolution to direct Finance Officer to file and place CMA on the tax roll and be affixed accordingly. - Signed.pdf2020-07-01 - Resolution to allocate funds for the purchase of a vactor truck.pdf2020-07-02 Resolution Adjusting Departmental Admin Fees.pdf2020-07-03 Resolution Placing perma-liner system on surplus..pdfResolution 2019-01-01.pdfResolution 2018-01-01.pdfResolution 2018-01-02.pdfResolution 2018-01-03.pdfResolution 2018-02-01.pdfResolution 2018-02-02.pdfResolution 2018-03-01.pdfResolution 2018-03-02.pdfResolution 2018-04-01.pdfResolution 2018-06-01.pdfResolution 2018-06-02.pdfResolution 2018-06-03.pdfResolution 2018-06-04.pdfResolution 2018-06-05.pdfResolution 2018-07-01pdfResolution 2018-09-01.pdfResolution 2018-12-01.pdfResolution 2018-12-02.pdfResolution 2018-12-03.pdfResolution 2018-12-04.pdfResolution 17-07-01.pdfResolution 17-01-02.pdfResolution 17-03-03.pdfResolution 17-03-02.pdfResolution 17-12-02.pdfResolution 17-12-01.pdfResolution 17-11-02.pdfResolution 17-11-01.pdfResolution 17-10-04.pdfResolution 17-08-01.pdfResolution 17-06-04.pdfResolution 17-06-03.pdfResolution 17-06-02.pdfResolution 17-06-01.pdfResolution 17-05-01.pdfResolution 17-04-04 Schedule A.pdfResolution 17-04-04.pdfResolution 17-04-03.pdfResolution 17-04-02.pdfResolution 17-04-01.pdfResolution 17-03-05.pdfResolution 17-03-04.pdfResolution 17-03-01.pdfResolution 17-01-01.pdf