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Resolution 2023

Resolution No. 2023-01-18-01 Authorize Signatories for Pacific Premiere.pdfResolution No. 2023-01-18-02 Code of Ethics and Conduct for Elected Officials.pdfResolution No. 2023-01-18-03 Employee Handbook.pdfResolution No. 2023-01-18-04 Contracting and Purchasing Policy.pdfResolution No. 2023-02-15-01.pdfResulotion No. 2023-02-15-02 Switching Odd Voting Years to Even Years.pdfEMERGENCY RESOLUTION NO. 2023-03-06-01 SALTON COMMUNITY SERVICES DITRCIT DECLARING A STATE OF EMERGENCY DUE TO POWER OUTAGE 02-21-2023Resolution No. 2023-04-19-01 Authorized Representative Develope Plan of Study.pdfRESOLUTION NO. 2023-06-21-01 BURRTEC OPT-OUT PROGRAM.pdfRESOLUTION NO. 2023-07-19-01 LIDIA A. SIERRA SECOND CENSURE.pdfRESOLUTION NO. 2023-07-19-02 ESTABLESHING RATES FOR WASTEWATER SERVICE FEES (RATE INCREASE).pdfRESOLUTION NO. 2023-07-19-03 PLACINF THE FY 2023-2024 SEWER USER FEES ON THE TAX ROLL.pdfRESOLUTION NO. 2023-07-19-04 PLACING THE FY 2023-2024 SEWER STANDBY CHARGE ON THE TAXT ROLL.pdfRESOLUTION NO. 2023-07-19-05 PLACE THE FY 2023-2024 SEWER MAINTANENCE STANDBY CHARGE ON THE TAX ROLLRESOLUTION NO. 2023-07-27-01 SCSD MEMORIALIZING THE INTENT OF THE BOARD TO ADJUST SEWER FEES.pdfRESOLUTION NO. 2023-08-30-01 Record Retention Policy.pdfRESOLUTION NO. 2023-09-27-01 EOS.pdfRESOLUTION NO. 2023-09-27-02 Online Purchasing.pdfRESOLUTION NO. 2023-27-09-03 Transfering a vehicle from Sewer Maint. to Public Work.pdfRESOLUTION NO. 2023-12-20-01 Settlement Agreement with LAFCO.pdfRESOLUTION NO. 2023-12-20-02 Adopting the SAP.pdf